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A remarkable scientific analysis of some 20,000 dreams collected via the Internet, The Dreamer and the Beast performs a long-overdue service for mankind: the classification and interpretation of common dream themes, the articulation of a compelling theory about the functional purpose of dreaming, and a guide to the use of dreams for self-improvement. Keith Stevens' theory is that dreams exercise our primitive instincts by evoking strong emotions -- allowing us to experience, in a risk-free context, either the downside or the upside of behaviours which affect our primal survivability as individuals and as a species. This means that the specific characters, plots and circumstances portrayed in our dreams are not as important as the instincts they stir up emotionally: instincts, for example, to protect ourselves and our family units, to bond and mate, to rise to challenges, and to be relentless in our pursuit of material success and tribal superiority. The author illustrates these ideas through 251 actual dreams selected from the pool of thousands, and provides a concise guide to the reader on how they can use their own dreams to enhance their personal life chances.

ISBN: 978-1-84045-112-2

"Very interesting theory! Thank you for giving us your unique insights into dreams."
Alex Trelinski, BBC Radio Derby
The Dreamer and the Beast
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