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Since you last visited, Online Originals has been re-launched and in our new site there is no page that precisely matches the link that brought you here. Please instead try one of the following links:

This section explains in detail the history of Online Originals, what's been happening lately, and where things now stand with the company. There are also links to the history of our media coverage.

We have developed a new content management system that displays our catalogue of e-book titles easily, quickly and conveniently. There are no longer separate Editions and Proofs lists; most former Proofs titles are no longer published by Online Originals.

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This is the link for writers interested in publishing a manuscript with Online Originals. Online Originals has developed a unique, automated submissions system that puts the author community in control.

Answers are here to the most commonly asked questions about Online Originals. There's also information about contacting us.